I was told by our client that your security people were lovely and they were very impressed. Great work Thanks.


Hi Wayne, just wanted to say I thought your security staff were excellent at our function on the Canopy Bridge Saturday night. They were immaculately presented, friendly and efficient. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend them. Can you please email your invoice to me with your bank acc number and I will make sure you are paid straight away .

Penny Keene

Hi Wayne, Thanks for your support for this weeks fun and games. You have some really good people mate, I really appreciated the way the two companies worked together.

Thanks again.

Andy Gollings

Wonderful feed-back.  I’ve just flown into my desk again and reflecting on the evening I would say by all accounts everyone experienced being “connected” to something quite special.  Great to see how people will back each other to win.  I’m on your team any time even if its to be your Orange-girl.  It’s a complete pleasure to stand beside you and Kia Tupato.  I’ll bathe in the light of your success and tell my mates how wicked cool you all are.

Have another power punched week.

Korero soon.