Our Operational base is on the corner of Mill and Whareora Road’s, Whangarei. Located on a main arterial route in Whangarei it provides us with a site that is very accessible to prospective clients and employees.

A large volume of traffic passes our base each day allowing us to promote our business cost effectively as the evidence suggests.  We have engaged a number of tradesperson,
have had visits from other business people, held a number of pre-employment interviews and 90% of the time people will say; “oh yes I know where you, you are that security place on the corner”.

We have also invested considerably to create a business site that is appealing to the eye has legally accepted signage with appropriate landscaping and a solid fence on the boundary and a great entranceway purposefully designed and built to make a statement.

Our office and training room are based at 136G Mill Road, Whangarei and our residential training unit is located at Ruapekapeka, Towai, Northland.

Kia Tupato has an organisational structure that ensures leadership and responsibility is accepted as close as possible to the ”coal face”. We have formulated our model based on the command structure of an Infantry platoon and have also taking a few leaves out the leadership program of the Canterbury Rugby Team, where responsibility is delegated to the individual.

We have a proven delivery model that has given us the ability to replicate our successful Northland operation in other regions of Aotearoa.

The design of our management structure, together with our fully integrated project management systems have enabled us to confidently and effectively manage and co-ordinate security operations at satellite sites and geographically diverse locations throughout the country.